At the Crossroads of two dreams

Most of the time a passionate relationship rose between a man and his land.
That particular feeling which led you back to childhood when you already yearn to be a farmer.
It was also a setting and a country way of life which suggested so much freedom for the future.

Throughout the college years, reasoned plans full of hope were worked out with the same intense passion.

But soon, the farmer daily work led you to question your deepest rooted feelings on farmer life.
So, it sounds obvious: “sowing wheat is no more gold for France”.
The extension of the dream born from the agriculture silent revolution turned to an end.

Back to the beginnings, a new concept had to be imagined a new inner self.
If the daily bread tumbled down in the reference value, the wine should suggest creativity, unicity of the winegrower work and singularity.
Another dream was born.…



Un rêve est né