The landscape

True source of inspiration for painters, it is emotion ……but beyond ……only the farmer knows all the care it needs.
Endless wealth of treasures, the landscape has to be guided, modelled by the human mind.
A nourishing earth means he has to continuously deal with the messages delivered by a capricious nature.

We feel attached to places but may be more to landscapes. Sometimes those of one’s childhood, remembering a grand father working on a field.

Wheat likes plains and rich lands, farmers admire this landscape. Vine likes setting on slopes and poor soils. On this place, winegrowers delight in imaginating the sunbeams on the grapes and the birth of their wines.

In 1993, the Chaillot let us imagine in bygone days the work of a score of winegrowers.
I was told about the history of the place and grape harvest fair as we were walking on a small country road looking at the abandoned land.

Un autre rêve est né

A legend for who didn’t know, but a great challenge to bring the bygone Chaillot to life.